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in your spare time.

Lead a Valid Startup Program


I'm Ready to Succeed

Use the Valid Startup Curriculum to:

  • Validate new product ideas inside a corporation.
  • Teach Entrepreneurship at a university.
  • Guide clients in your coaching business. 
  • Start a new business helping aspiring entrepreneurs.

Not Just Any Business, a Profitable Business

The number one reason startups fail is lack of product-market fit. Entrepreneurs spend a ridiculous amount of time and money launching their ideas without ever verifying if there is any real need or a willingness to pay a profitable price. Valid Startup is designed to address this problem by walking entrepreneurs through a series of validation steps to ensure their business will be profitable. But that's just the beginning.

Studies show that mentorship is one of the strongest indicators of an entrepreneur's long term success. That's where you come in! Your role is to provide a sounding board and much needed support along the way. The best part is, the curriculum is done for you - you don't need any special knowledge ahead of time to be a successful Valid Startup program leader.

View the Modules for a complete program overview.

Founders Need Valid Startup... and You!


People Worldwide per Year

Every year approximately 400M people attempt to start more than 300M new businesses. About 30% will launch; and 95% of those will ultimately fail.


More Likely to Succeed 

Startups that prove product-market fit before launch increase their probability of success from just 5% to over 60%. 


Online Education Market

The rapid growth of the online education market speaks to the acceptance of digital delivery as an effective, affordable, safe method of teaching.


Greater Revenue Growth 

Businesses receiving mentorship increased their annual revenue by an average of 83%, compared to 16% for those who don’t use mentorship.


Business Owners Need Mentors 

In a recent study, 39% of small businesses indicated that they had mentors or advisors. This leaves 63% of business owners who do not have professional guidance.


Wish They Had a Mentor

89% of small business owners who don't have a mentor wish that they did.


*Mentor stats provided by Forbes

Key Features for


Everything They Need to Validate and Launch

  • Interactive, simple to follow, step-by-step modules that guide entrepreneurs from idea to launch, including assistance with company formation and fundraising. 
  • Pre-built spreadsheets
  • Valid Startup community forum
  • Dedicated forum for your group
  • Customer service by email or chat
  • Any additional tools and services you choose to provide! 

Key Features for

Program Leaders

Everything You Need to Support Your Group

  • Set your own prices to earn monthly profits of up to $15,000 or more. (Recommended: $100 - $1,000 / month per student)
  • Full curriculum access and User licenses for you and all the entrepreneurs in your group
  • Include add-ons such as additional 1:1 coaching hours or reference materials
  • Establish participation criteria, or make your program open to anyone
  • Have your own landing page to market your program and collect registrations and payments
  • Hold office hours in person or by zoom - you decide when and where 
  • See your students' progress with weekly progress reports
  • Access customer service by email or set up a call

How it Works

  1. Complete the application form to the right.
  2. Hold a call with us to be sure this program is right for you.
  3. Work with our team to set up your landing page. 
  4. Launch your new program!

Expected Revenue: Earn $100-1,000 per month per student. You set your own prices and recruit your participants. We're here to help! 

Costs: There is a one time setup fee of $500-1,500, depending on options selected. Monthly program fees for Leaders are $332 + $15 per student. 

Average Monthly Profits for Leaders with 30 Students/Clients: $15,718 (Expected profits, with the suggested rates and program costs, are $2,218 to $29,218 per month.)


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