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 "Helping aspiring entrepreneurs launch profitable businesses is what I do best."

Jennifer P. Hopp 

Managing Partner, ATO Ventures

After spending more than 25 years investing in and building startups in Silicon Valley, Jennifer followed her heart to Puerto Rico. There, she founded ATO Ventures, an early stage venture capital fund focused on increasing the odds of startup success via a strategy she developed called Market Validation Testing (MVT).  The methodology is a way for startups to verify product-market fit before launching. 

During the pandemic, Jennifer repeatedly saw aspiring entrepreneurs  attempt to start new companies but quicky give up due to lack of guidance. They simply didn't know how to get the business up and running in a profitable way. Additionally, she found that many of those who submitted startups to ATO Ventures for funding had skipped important steps that left them unprepared for MVT. 

These observations led Jennifer to write the Valid Startup program. "I found that, although there is plenty of information online about what you need to do to start a business, there are very few details on exactly how to do it," she explains.

What makes Valid Startup different is that it is an interactive, step-by-step guide that walks you through easy to accomplish tasks. Unlike video-based courses that leave you to your own devices to implement the broad, metaphoric lectures; or dense text books that overwhelm and bewilder; with Valid Startup, you cannot get lost. Jennifer tells you exactly how to do each step and why it is important based on decades of experience, in her own voice.

By the end of the Valid Startup program, whether or not you have attended Jennifer's open Office Hours, you will witness her passion for helping entrepreneurs and feel that you know her personally. It is no wonder she is adored by entrepreneurs around the world, and we look forward to sharing their stories with you. Welcome to the community!

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