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Over 90% of new businesses fail. 

The number one reason startups fail is lack of product-market fit. This simply means, there are not enough people willing to pay a profitable price for the product or service. The founders eventually shut down the business, often after having spent several years and a life-time of savings trying to make it work. Instead, Valid Startup helps you ensure profitability quickly and cheaply.

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Build a profitable business as you walk through a series of steps designed to verify that your product or services solves a problem and that that customers are willing to pay you a price that meets your goals. We then help you form your company and find the necessary funding. View the Modules for a complete program overview.

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Community Support

Starting a business can feel lonely at times. With the Valid Startup Community Forum for you to share ideas and get help from your peers, you'll never be alone.

More Than 30 Done-For-You Sheets

With the MASTER Workbook, simply fill in the blanks to calculate CAC, LTV, Build Costs, EBITDA, TAM, SAM, SOM, Funding Needs, Elevator Pitch and more!! 

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Maryam Ziaei, CEO, iSono Health

"I have known Jennifer, [author of the Valid Startup program],  both personally and professionally for many years and she has always been a source of inspiration. At ATO Ventures, she helped us with customer discovery, validating product-market fit, and making our business more attractive for other investors, which resulted in us closing a multi-million dollar, oversubscribed round last year. She has always been a great resource and helped us think outside the box and think of unique business opportunities. She also connected us to resources inside PR that will facilitate our go to market."